Welkom At Reizende Strijdster Coaching

Welkom At Reizende Strijdster Coaching

Are you not comfortable in your own skin and do you have problems with your self-esteem?

Have you developed a negative relationship with food?

Can't get rid of your sugar addiction?

Are you tired of going from one temporary diet to another, without lasting results?

I would like to help you with this!

Veerle Ritstier 30 kilo afgevallenDuring my own mission to live healthier and lose weight, I did a lot of research on nutrition and exercise. You can read about this on my blog.During that time, I've also been working on my relationship with food. I can enjoy it now, and that it is certainly not your enemy. I would like to share the knowledge I have gained, both through my own experiences and thorough scientific research, with people.

I'm going to help you get more in touch with your body. Listening to your body. For example, knowing when you have eaten enough. When you want to eat from a mental need, and when it is really a physical need.

Where necessary, I will help build a healthier relationship with food, and get rid of negative emotions that cause unhealthy eating behavior. If there is a wish to combine exercise with a healthy diet. I will coach on that too.

Together we look at what exactly you need to reach your set goal, and together we will make a plan. As with any coach, there is a great responsibility on you. What you, yourself, invest during and outside the coaching sessions, you will eventually reap the results.

Do you feel like starting after reading this, please contact me.

For more information, I would like to refer you to the Coach page on my website



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